Abigail Celeste Arroyos was born in Hereford Texas in 1993. From the time she was small she was always looking ahead.  She didn’t let her small town roots hold her back.  When she was a little girl, one of her favorite things to do was to spin the globe, close her eyes and point to a corner of the world she wanted to experience. 

Abbie bloomed as she entered high school.  She was active in band, tennis and 4-H where she excelled in many projects and served on the State 4-H council. Her experience at the 4-H Congress as a press corps member solidified her desire to become a journalist.  She graduated from Hereford High School in 2011 in the top 5% of her class.  After graduation she began realizing her dream of traveling the world when she was accepted into the People to People Student Ambassador program and traveled to Australia.

The next stop on Abbie’s journey was at Texas Tech University where she enrolled as a student in the College of Media and Communication with a major in Journalism.  After being selected as a student in the study abroad program, Abbie again traveled abroad, this time to London, England, Edinburgh, Scotland and Paris, France.  Although she was one of the youngest students chosen, she soon proved herself when she was chosen the next year to be a student advisor to the study abroad travelers. 

While at Texas Tech, Abbie also worked as a student investigative reporter for The Hub in its initial year as the all-digital news outlet showcasing the Texas Tech community.  Abbie and her colleagues earned many statewide awards for their stories.


Abbie graduated from Texas Tech University in 2014 with a degree in Journalism after only 3 years.  Her journalist career began soon after for the newly created show at KTTZ Texas Tech Public Radio station in Lubbock where she wrote and produced the twice weekly show “Inside Texas Tech” highlighting the accomplishments of Texas Tech students, staff and alumni.


Some might say that her untimely death is where Abbie’s story ended but in true trailblazing fashion this was not the case.  Even at her young age, she had chosen to be an organ donor and so through her unselfish act saved 5 lives. She blazed her last new trail as she took her biggest journey of all. And this time, she didn’t even need her passport.